Looking for Dutch Shipmates or any others that need a group

  • Hallo und hi everyone,

    I am writing this post in English because I was told that there will be a group of Dutch that will join Norrelag for Epic 2022.

    If anyone knows them or if they see this post: let's talk!

    I am searching for the international group to hopefully join for Epic 2022.

    A little background info:

    I was supposed to go to Epic 2022 with my group, Odins Bjarna, but they were unable to find tickets and there was also some problems about our flag (thanks to whoever for the secret bitching)--- so they recently told me that they won't come to Epic 2022. I, on the other hand, already have a ticket and a tent, etc.

    Now I'm all alone, so I was hoping to join an international crowd. While I can't speak Dutch or many other languages, I do speak English and German (and could be of some use)

    So if you're also alone or are an international group, please reach out to me! I like to think of myself as easy to get along with, like to help in a group effort, not a bossy person and like to do wild and crazy adventures for good memories.

    I'm available anytime 😀


    Kjartan (Christian)